Transparent Dividers

for protection against infectious diseases for school- and classroom desks

Protection Control

The risk of possible droplet infections due to insufficient distance between pupils can be effectively reduced by the separation elements.

 Easy Installation

Thanks to the simple plug-in system, assembly and disassembly is very easy and can also be carried out by the pupils themselves.

Versatile Use

Individual elements can easily be exchanged with non-transparent dividers for visual protection during exams.

Minimized Risk of Infection

It is difficult to maintain the suggested minimum distance between students during the teaching period, which makes the risk of droplet infection particularly high. The transparent separating elements provide the necessary protection to effectively and easily minimize the risk of infection.

Flexible in Use

Since it is easy to attach and remove, the system can be immediately re-attached whenever a new risk of infection (e.g. influenza) occurs. The thin individual elements allow space-saving storage.

Easy Handling

The custom-made plug-in system for the dividers is very easy to use and can be assembled and disassembled by students themselves.

More Information

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